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If you want to distribute your audio signal and/or video to Internet users in real time and with a professional way with no limitation of any device (PC MS- Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, and others). Another important value is we don't put any brand or logo or add any advertisement when the user is playing the audio or video.

Our solution use a player with the last "HTML5" technology that allows you to see it from any device, without need to install any application or software.

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Calculate what package you need

 Audio only a speed of 32 Kbps
 Audio only a speed of 64 Kbps
 Video of 320x240 pixels with audio at 128 Kbps speed
 Video of 480x360 pixels with audio at 192 Kbps speed
 High resolution video size of 640x480 pixels with audio at 256 Kbps speed

Streaming Packages


US $59  .00
per month.

US $ 0.60 per each additional GB
  • 5 GB of Monthly Transfer

US $99  .00
per month.

US $ 0.50 per each additional GB
  • 50 GB of Monthly Transfer

US $199  .00
per month.

US $ 0.40 per each additional GB
  • 500 GB of Monthly Transfer

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You may request a quote to us with the encoder or you can provide it, just need:

  • Encoder
  • Have a video source and/or audio
  • Hardware input video/audio Card
  • Internet connection of the double of the transfer rate
  • Encoding Software

For more information about our services, click here to contact us.