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The Dynamic Server in the cloud where you can assign hardware resources (vCPUs "processor", vRAM "RAM", Hard Drive HDD "Disk Space", monthly bandwidth, number of days past backup and others) as either to their requirements. Additionally you at one point may increase or decrease hardware resources, except for the OS hard disk which only allows increase.

Do you requires a preconfigure server?

With Virtual Server Plans, you have the hardware resources of vCPUs, vRAM, hard drive disk and others previously configured.

Name of the server

Numbers of CPUs (vCores)

RAM Memory GB (vRAM)

OS Disk (GB)

Monthly Data Transfer (GB)

Numbers of Last day backups

Number of IP's V4

Number of IP's V6

Operating System "OS"

 Windows Server

Select Additional Software

Control Panel


Parallels Plesk (100 domains)

Parallels Plesk (Unlimited domains)


Management Options and Support


Level 1 Management and Support

Level 2 Management and Support

Level 3 Management and Support

Initial price

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