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The next steps will help you to transfer your domain to Cyberfuel registration. For international domains names (TLD's) the maximum days for this process are 7. In case to be a local or regional country domain name, it have different process, please contact our Sales team

1) Verification of the property of the Domain

Assure the domain is registered to the name of this company or person. For this you can ask for our personnel in sales who will send a report of the present state of the domain. If your domain have the service of Domain Private Protection, it is important to deactive or remove the service to check that is your email address as a contact for the domain.

2) Unblock your domain

You have to enter to the actual register website with your user and password and look for the "Unlock" the domain and send the "Auth Code" to our Sales or Support teams to assist you with the transfer. If your actual webhosting provider don't have a panel to do this process, you could ask them to do it manually.

3) Transfer Approval

Cyberfuel as new register will send you an e-mail to the e-mail address on the domain name registration. When you receive it you have to Approve to star the process.

4) Transfer Authorization

Your actual registry provider, will send you an e-mail to Allow or Denny to transfer the domain to Cyberfuel. The actual register could not authorize it and the whole process have to star again from the begining.

5) Notification of Aceptance or Rejection

The actual register will notify the aceptance or rejection of the domain transfer by e-mail.